Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Myspace - 200 million users ?

Why do so many people do myspace ?

It's compulsive once you start but there's more to it than just compulsion. Governments and media bemoan the loss of communities that look after each other in terraced streets, leave doors unlocked without worry, and live in each others lives.
Those communities have largely gone and I have my own dodgy theories about that, but myspace, bebo and others are the new communities. It's reassuring that people, young people actually want to connect, for all the different reasons that they do it. Reach out and contact the full spectrum - mental.

Now it isn't just the people in the street, the pub, the town where you live. It's a selection of hundreds of millions. Compulsion.
Humans seem to want contact. They don't want to wander through life alone. I don't speak to my neighbours, not cuz I don't like them, I just can't be bothered with the baggage that comes with inviting people into your life. With cyber networks we choose ourselves when we connect, and that unilateral choice is as attractive a feature as the compulsion itself.

Sure, you can choose when you go to the pub or out on the town, but you're invaded there by undesirables, blown away by people you'd choose not to talk to, crushed in over-full bars, deafened by crap sound systems. Whatever the media says about myspace, it's a relatively safe environment where the choice is all yours. You switch on to the millions in your own home, own music, own family, and no one can invade you unless you want them to. And the contact is a softer interface.

We're all looking for experiences of one sort or another. Maybe you're looking for that lost-in-love nirvana - it's always out there somewhere and is attainable. Send it out - it comes back to you ! Maybe it's work, or being part of a club, or just the contact you crave, knowing someone is out there with some things in common.

Lifesshort, , I want big experiences, I don't want to wait for them, do it now ! Happiness - elusive for some but again, it's attainable. Reduce your life to the absolute basics. What have you got, what haven't you got ? Who cares ? Just make the most of it. Rid yourself of the ball and chains of daily hum drum. Break out and kick your real life off. Empower yourself and CHOOSE what you do. Design it and live it. Every day you can do something that has a return for you. You can you can you can. If I say it more maybe it's more true :)

Lifesshort, it can be whatever you want of it, but the choice IS yours. No one is stuck in a predicament completely. Everyone can break the mould of their structured lives. Everyone. Whatever your 'it' is, do it, and do it now. Mine is 'live fast, die old', my sons, family, football, sport, politics, house music, clubs. And I do them all the time. Ha !

Lifesshort ;)